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Communicating with your target market and visitors in real time or in drip segmentation is one of the most important feature in VNOC. We have a set of simple tools to let you do this.


Our autoresponder allows us to engage and communicate to all leads coming from all frameworks, custom or pre-built. Built with Sendgrid, our simple but functional autoresponder allows you to quickly send an email to leads, or teams from different brands, or check how many unsubscribes or how many clicks your email receives.

Team Chatter

Team chatter is a simple way for teams to collaborate and communicate. It allows you to post to your brand’s network of contributors and allows you to get snapshots of tasks done or new contributions made.

Vertical Mail

VNOC’s core technology is to be able to quickly create value to not just your domains but your verticals as well. It creates a win-win strategy with the feature of being able to send one vertical mail using Sendgrid’s technology to thousands of leads at one time, giving you a vertical strategy Domain business owners have dreamed of.


Integrations with Slack, HipChat, via Brand apps and core integrations with Sendgrid allows us to communicate with our team, our customers and our contributors.


With external brand apps that allows you to embed a lead form into your website or install our wordpress plugin that contains our lead forms.

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