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Domain Details

  • Settings

    • Add or Remove domain to blockchain.

    • Blockchain Network – Choose Main if you’re ready to go live and publish into the Mainnet Ethereum Network.

    • Initiate Eshares Sharing protocol – This means this asset is ready to be published in the Crypto Marketplace.



    • 1CTB TO USD – Set the value of the CTB token
    • Token Sale Address (TEST) – Add contract address for the test token sale contract.

    • Token Sale Address (MAIN) – Add the main contract address for the live token sale contract.

    • Token Sale – Date token will start

    • Token Inventory – This is a static starting number of inventory. This should tally with correct token inventory.

    • Buy CTB Limit – How many CTB tokens are allowed per member.

    • Bitcoin Address – The bitcoin address where token sale funds will be sent once they choose Bitcoin payments.

    • About Html – Add custom about html and content here. This will be visible in the About tab of the asset.

    • Header Html – Add custom Header html and content here.

    • Purchase Token Html – Add custom purchase token html and content and it will show in the Get Tokens tab.

  • Contract Management -These are contracts needed by the blockchain. Two contracts are important. The DAN is the organization contract. Its the one responsible for blockchain functions such as adding the contributions to the asset in the blockchain. The DATA contract is the one holding all the members, and contributions and publishing these on the blockchain.

  • Token Sale Settings – This is synchronized with eShares database. Whatever settings you have set on eShares, will be displayed here.
      • Set where to get pie settings for CTB – You can choose to allow where to get CTB for a token sale

You can only change the pie settings once. Once you set it, we will automatically transfer CTB to the DAN contract the amount of tokens you set the pie to. So for eg. you have 1 million CTB tokens and you set the crowd (40%) to the token sale, we will transfer 40% of 1Million to the Asset Dan Contract.

  • Pie Settings -This is synchronized with eShares database. Whatever settings you have set on eShares, will be displayed here.

  • Payment Options -Choose which payment options you would like to publish for payment for ESH or CTB tokens.

  • VIP Purchase – This is a feature where there is a special purchase between VIPS and members of VNOC.

You can choose to send CTB tokens to a new member where they will be given access or login details and new contrib eth wallets for their CTB tokens, or send CTB tokens to existing VNOC members.

  • Bulk CTB Send

  • Distribute Esh – A special feature where you can send ESH to members of VNOC or new members.

  • Send Partners

  • Airdrop

  • Crypto Transactions – These are the list of (domain name) crypto contributors.

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