Introducing Serverless and Headless Infrastructure to Our VNOC Frameworks


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We are proud to announce that we have now implemented a serverless and headless infrastructure into our VNOC frameworks, using Vercel, Cloudflare, Next.js, and AWS RDB. This modern infrastructure will enable us to create lighter, faster-loading frameworks, resulting in better overall performance.

With our new infrastructure, many server-side processes have been removed and replaced with client-side processes. This means fewer resources are necessary on the server-side, resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, using client-side configuration and scripting, teams can maximize their projects’ performance and quickly modify projects with minimal effort.

By using Vercel and Cloudflare, the back-end of our applications is now lightning-fast and secure. Vercel provides a simple deployment process, allowing us to quickly deploy our applications with ease and confidence. With Cloudflare, our application is provided with an extra layer of security and is highly accessible from around the world.

And, by using Next.js and AWS RDB, the front-end of our applications is now optimized and secure. Next.js is a JavaScript framework that provides complete server-side rendering, resulting in an improved page load time and smoother navigation. And, by using AWS RDB, the data from our applications is stored in a secure database, ensuring that it is safe from malicious attacks.

With this new serverless and headless infrastructure, we are now using a modern stack to create our frameworks, resulting in lighter, faster loading applications. We are excited to continue using this system for the benefit of our users.

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