VNOC Token Features


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VNOC has a feature that allows the digital asset to create its own .18 token with the default of 1M.

  • The asset will act with Contrib token sale-like features
  • You can buy it’s tokens from Crypto marketplace.
  • The Digital assets’ Eservices will also be changed to reflect earning with it’s own token.
  • When he buys a number of tokens, the same number of ESH will be sent to his wallet.

Sample domain

Go to Domain details ->Blockchain ->Contract Management tab.

Type in Price in USD/ Price in ETH and hit Submit

After you’ve submitted go to Settings tab and fill in Token Symbol, Token Image, and set Token Value.

Next, Add Contract under Contract Management tab

Distribute Esh/VIP purchase will change into Domains Token currency

Bulk CTB tab changes to Bulk Domain Currency Send

Send Partners tab – changes into Token Currency

VNOC Task Details – Domain Token Currency

Contrib Transactions – Domain Token Currency

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